Bring the security and safety of high quality illumination to a variety of outdoor areas with the many different flood lighting fixtures offered by D’Mak. With a great look, performance and durability, these fixtures offer versatility while meeting your outdoor lighting requirements. In addition to a range of proven and popular floodlight designs, D’Mak Lighting has introduced the Evolve LED Flood Light for Wide, Billboard and Spot. D’Mak floodlights are designed for parking lot lighting, building and grounds lighting, facade lighting, industrial yard lighting, recreational area lighting, and other general purpose area lighting applications.

Areas of Application

  • Replacement for floodlights that use 250 W and 400 W HID lamps
  • Hard-to-reach areas (for example: facades, roof top billboards)
  • Billboard lighting
  • Flood light applications
  • Facade and building illumination
  • Area lighting

Product Benefits

  • Energy-saving alternative to traditional floodlights with comparable luminous flux
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extremely light LED floodlight (weight comparable to traditional floodlights)
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to long lifetime
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

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